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4 Reasons You Should Never Delay Collision Repair

by Helsinki

Most drivers find it perfectly fine to drive their car on the road after an auto collision, especially if the damage is not visually apparent. This often also results in postponing car inspection and fixing any internal or hidden damages that might arise due to the accident.

Other than this, some drivers simply delay repair because they’re too busy to leave their car in a repair shop for a whole day, or they don’t have insurance to ease the repair costs. Regardless of the circumstances, there is never a good reason to delay repairs after an accident. Here is why you must address collision repair promptly:

1. Weakened Structure

After an accident, even the smallest dents on your car can lead to a weakened structure, which can result in a larger damage if you’re involved in another accident. Moreover, not getting your vehicle fixed on time not only affects the structural durability of your vehicle, but also leads to more costly repairs later on.

Therefore, it is essential to get the structural integrity of your vehicle checked after a collision, and getting your vehicle repaired promptly ensures that it remains safe to drive, offering better protection to you and the passengers on the road.

2. Hidden Damages

Judging the level of damage can be difficult without the help of a professional auto collision repair specialist. Not paying attention to hidden issues after an accident can lead to bigger problems like faulty transmission/AWD and battery failure.

Even if you think that there was no serious damage caused to your car due to the collision, it’s better to get the assistance of an expert. By getting your vehicle inspected for hidden damage, you not only avoid piling up additional repairs down the road, but also get the peace of mind that your vehicle is in its best condition.

3. Lower Resale Price

Delaying collision repair can decrease the resale value of your car. Potential buyers often get discouraged by any visible damage, even if it is too small to be noticed. Moreover, other unresolved problems may arise during the pre-purchase inspection, further slashing down the value of your vehicle.

However, with proper car servicing and repair after collision you can maintain the resale value of your vehicle, making it easier to sell your car at a better price. After all, the first question buyers are going to ask is if the vehicle has ever been in an accident, and if yes, what damage it caused and how it was repaired.

4. Legal and Insurance Consequences

One of the biggest issues that arise with avoiding collision repair are the legal and insurance consequences, especially if you’re involved in another accident while driving a damaged vehicle. If this happens, you may find difficulty in claiming insurance or the insurance company might reduce the payout.

Other than this, you could also face legal penalties and fines as driving a damaged vehicle violates traffic laws and local regulations in most areas. Getting your vehicle fixed quickly can help you avoid all the hassle of the legal and insurance complications that may arise later.

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